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Runs from Friday June 6 2014 to Saturday June 14 2014

Approximate running time: 0 hours and 55 minutes


T.A.P Cente for Creativity
203 Dundas Street
London ON N5V 0A1

Performance Notes

× Ladies Room Theatre Soup London, Ontario Playwright: Caitlin Murphy Featuring: Aimee Adler, Meghan Brown, and Sookie Mei Directed by: Rod Keith Comedy General Audience Warning: Coarse language, uncomfortable bathroom-type issues, lack of toilet paper when you most need it

What really goes on in a women's washroom? Follow the misadventures of three ladies - at every stage of life - in loos at the gym, high school, wedding reception, dance club, and more. A bathroom farce with all the requisite bawling, barfing, primping, preening, bridesmaids, bullying, camaraderie, and catfights!

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