Runs from Wednesday May 29 2019 to Saturday June 8 2019

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


Good Foundation Theatre
137 Dundas Street
London ON N6A 5N4

Performance Notes

× Throne Life The Electronic Gospel Experience Lockport , MB Playwright: Christopher Van Heyst Directed By: Christopher Van Heyst Featuring: Christopher Van Heyst, solo artist

Sonny strikes a deal for God's help based on one condition: He Must be Resurrected as a Fool. Sonny's dark side takes over telling his story with self-deprecating and sadistic humour relentlessly railing against God and man. All music is original created by The Electronic Gospel Experience. PG 13 Warnings: One f-bomb, loud music, spiritual content Genre: A Musical/Drama with a twist. Facebook @ElectronicGospel

Tickets: $15 (incl s/c) Show Length: 90 min

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